Arbitrators have been deciding claims under the Northern Flood Agreement since the Agreement was signed. Until now, it has been complicated for the parties to the Agreement, for lawyers, and for members of the public to gain access to all of the awards. This web-site brings them together in a format that is simple to use. New decisions and practices will be added to the web-site as they are made. If you have any questions about the use of this site, don't hesitate to phone or e-mail the Office of the Arbitrator.


The Northern Flood Arbitrator's Office is closed temporarily until a successor Arbitrator is in place. In the meantime, if there is a document you want to file with the Arbitrator's Office:

Kevin Branch
204-947-6751 ex 215

c/o Houston Recruiting Services
100-28 Queen Elizabeth Way
Winnipeg, MB
R3L 2R1

has been authorized to receive your document, to date-stamp it as filed with the Arbitrator's Office and to keep it for the successor Arbitrator when he or she is in place.

If you are a member of a First Nation and want information about where the appointment process for the new Arbitrator is at, please contact the NFA representative on your Council.

Northern Flood Agreement

Office of the Arbitrator

904-363 Broadway Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 3N9

tel: (204) 956-5089
toll-free: 1-800-407-0859
fax: (204) 956-5091
e-mail: nfaarb@mts.net