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Notice to Parties


Hydro shall give written notice to each Band Council and to the Regional Director General of Indian Affairs (Manitoba Region) regarding its plans and/or its intention to prepare plans for future developments affecting the Rat or Burntwood or the lower Churchill Rivers, or the Nelson River, or any tributary; thereto or lake thereon, which may affect any one or more of the residents or the Reserves.


Hydro shall not make any decisions in respect to any such future developments unless and until a process of bona fide and meaningful consultation with the communities has taken place.


Under normal operating conditions, Hydro shall give written notice to the Band Council of any Band which may be affected, and to the Regional Director General of Indian Affairs (Manitoba Region) at least 2 weeks before making any operating changes of a nature that will affect the water levels and/or flows. In case of emergency, Hydro will give only such period of notice as is practical.


In addition to the notice required by Article 9.9, and in recognition of the fact some residents of the Reserves may be away from the Reserves following their traditional pursuits, Hydro shall give notice by radio in both the English and Cree languages forthwith and continue so long as necessary (and in any event no less than 3 successive days) during the evening broadcast hours of the local and community radio stations and for greater certainty, on the Native Communications Broadcast from Thompson. Hydro shall also try to give such other reasonable forms of notice as the Bands may from time to time request.


Each Band Council shall advise Hydro in writing regarding the modes of communication to be used from time to time, and Hydro shall notify each Band Council in writing of the modes of communication that it finds practical to implement and agrees to follow.


Any notice to Manitoba shall be in writing and forwarded to the Deputy Minister, Department of Northern Affairs, Legislative Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Any notice to Hydro shall be in writing and forwarded to The General Manager, Manitoba Hydro, P.O. Box 815, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 2P4.


Any notice to the Bands shall be in writing and forwarded to an address to be furnished by the Bands following ratification of this Agreement.


Any notice to the Committee shall be in writing and forwarded to The Northern Flood Committee, Inc., Room 1010, 191 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0X1.


Any notice to Canada shall be in writing and forwarded to Regional Director General, Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1100-275 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 3A3.


The designation of a person to be notified or the address of such person may be changed at any time by similar notice given by the party requesting the change to each of the other parties.

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