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Wildlife Resources Policy


Manitoba agrees to grant to the residents of the Reserves first priority to all the wildlife resources within their Trapline Zones, and in the rivers and lakes which were traditionally available to and used by them as a source of food supply, income-in-kind and income ("the Resource Area").


Because the Project has made and may hereafter make certain of the Resource Areas inaccessible for the foregoing purposes or has adversely affected the Resource Area to an undetermined extent, Manitoba undertakes to use its best efforts to make available new alternate Resource Areas to the extent that it is practical to do so.


Manitoba has encouraged and will continue to encourage the residents of Reserves to achieve the maximum degree of self sustenance in food supplies and to maximize the opportunity to earn income and income-in-kind from the wildlife resources and will therefore prohibit hunting, trapping and fishing in the Resource Area by any non-resident of the Reserve who does not have a present right at law to carry on these activities in the Resource Area provided that:


A controlled hunting, trapping, and/or fishing season may be permitted by reason of an overabundance of a species, and it is in the interests of the perpetuation of such overabundant species to permit such a controlled season, and


Such controlled season is established following meaningful consultation with the appropriate representatives or body representing the interests of the residents affected.


Notwithstanding anything herein contained it is recognized that individuals who are permanently resident in or near a Resource Area may habitually hunt, trap and/or fish within the Resource Area and would expect that both themselves and their progeny should continue to be able to enjoy these benefits from the Resource Area,and therefore any prohibition against hunting, trapping and/or fishing within the Resource Area shall take into account these interests.


For the purpose of protecting the wildlife resources in the Resource Area, Manitoba agrees to establish and to pay the prior approved expenses of a Wildlife Advisory and Planning Board. The Board may consider and recommend on all matters affecting wildlife within the Resource Area including the following:


Monitoring the wildlife resources in the Resource Area;


Advising as to the overabundance of any species;


Advising as to the maximum kill of any overabundant species that may be permitted within the Resource Area;


Encouraging the annual harvest of wildlife resources in the Resource Area, to an extent and in a manner consistent with the perpetuation of adequate numbers of the species involved; and


Formulating and recommending the implementation of such works and programs as will be consistent with the protection and perpetuation of the wildlife in the Resource Area or with the continuation of harvesting of wildlife resources.


Manitoba agrees to appoint to the Wildlife Advisory and Planning Board sufficient residents of the Reserves to ensure that they have majority representation, and to this end shall solicit and consider recommendations by the residents of Reserves on the appointments.


Manitoba agrees to provide training opportunities for residents of each Reserve to enable them to become qualified for employment as Conservation Officers, responsible for enforcing policies in effect from time to time concerning wildlife management in the Resource Area and Manitoba further agrees to appoint such qualified residents to meet the needs of enforcement.


The parties agree to facilitate and encourage the functions served by the community traplines, by reason of their contribution to the community in the form of:


A food supply and income supplement for elderly or infirm residents;


The opportunity for younger residents to learn and elder residents to teach the skills pertaining to the harvesting of wildlife resources, and


An opportunity for recreational activities.


Manitoba and/or Hydro agree to negotiate with appropriate representatives of each community to formulate and implement a program agreed upon, to achieve this objective.

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