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Planning Policy


Canada and Manitoba will co-operate to provide the resources required to enable each of the five communities represented by the Committee to formulate a comprehensive Community Development Plan and to coordinate such Plan with government plans as provided for in Schedule "E" attached hereto and forming part of this Agreement.


Such Plan shall be prepared and coordinated with a view to enabling the communities to provide continued opportunity to carry on their traditional lifestyles to the maximum extent practical, to deal with social and economic problems that may be identified, to take advantage of opportunities that may be identified, and to recommend the practical means that may be available for implementation of the Plans formulated.


Canada agrees, within the limits of the community planning budget of the Manitoba Regional Office of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, to make professional assistance and services available to the five Bands for the objective of completing Community Development Plans for the Reserves by March 31, 1981.


Canada and Manitoba undertake to consider and implement any recommendation they jointly or severally deem to be practical by any means,including the use of the existing Northlands Agreement and/or future like agreements intended to contribute to the viability of a community.


The principles reflecting the objectives and the methods to be used in achieving those objectives as outlined in the following documents:


Manitoba Order-in-Council dated 5th day of February, 1975 signed by Premier Schreyer,


The Canada-Manitoba Interim Subsidiary Agreement referred to therein and attached thereto,


The General Development Agreement between the said Governments dated 5th day of June, 1975,

The Strategy for Development of Northern Manitoba, all of which relate to the Canada-Manitoba Northlands Agreement, and shall be followed in the development, co-ordination and implementation of Community Development Plans affecting the

subject Reserves.

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