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Environmental Impact Policy


Hydro and Canada and Manitoba, severally and jointly, undertake to implement such recommendations of the Lake Winnipeg, Churchill and Nelson Rivers Study Board Report which affect the communities and which fall within their respective or joint jurisdictions.


Manitoba and Canada shall each forthwith identify those recommendations that are within their respective jurisdictions as well as those that will be implemented jointly and shall report the conclusions reached to the Band Councils.


Hydro and Manitoba and Canada annually, for as long as may be necessary, will each submit to each Band Council affected, a report setting out:


The recommendations being implemented;


The projected date of commencement of implementation of those recommendations to be implemented; and


The recommendations that will not be implemented and the reasons for that decision.


Each Band Council shall be informed regarding agreements made between Manitoba and Canada arising out of, or in relation to, joint undertakings contemplated by Article 17.2. Any such agreement shall be consistent with this Agreement.


In particular but without limitation, monitoring of adverse effects of the Project pursuant to the Lake Winnipeg, Churchill and Nelson Rivers Study Board recommendations shall be planned and implemented so as to provide such information as may be necessary to give effect to this Agreement.

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