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Miscellaneous Policy


Canada and Manitoba are jointly concerned that the Project achieve the greatest overall benefit possible without unduly prejudicing the present potential development of the affected water bodies for other resource uses and users;


Canada and Manitoba recognize that the Project is intended to benefit all citizens of Canada, and most particularly of Manitoba, on the one hand, and that the resource users have been and may continue to be adversely affected on the other hand, and that it is in the public interest to ensure that any damage to the interests, opportunities, lifestyles and assets of those adversely affected be compensated appropriately and justly.


Canada and Manitoba, to the extent it is practical to do so will seek to avoid creating inequities within any settlement that would adversely affect the relationship between a community and other residents of a settlement.


The Project affects the activities and traditional lifestyles of the communities and anxieties have developed regarding the viability of the communities, the free and safe use of the waterways, and the continued opportunity to carry on traditional activities, particularly as they relate to the wildlife resources as a source of food, income-in-kind and income. These anxieties may be allayed by Hydro, Manitoba and Canada using their best efforts to ensure that potential benefits of the Project are made available in a practical manner to the residents of each Reserve.


The parties agree that it is also desirable to encourage, and to provide opportunities for residents of the Reserves, to the extent they may wish, to participate in the Project as a potential beneficial development in their midst, and to create a climate wherein it will be seen as such. Therefore it is in the public interest to employ, to the maximum possible extent, residents of the subject Reserves in all works and operations related to the Project and to implement forthwith practical measures necessary to achieve that objective, including opportunities for education, training, and particularly on-the-job training of any able and willing resident. Manitoba shall report every three months to each Band regarding the practical steps implemented and the results obtained in achieving this objective. The Manitoba report shall include steps taken and results achieved by Hydro.

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